SWROGA Trophy Procedure


SWROGA has two official trophies that SWROGA Affiliated Societies may purchase and award at their local shows.
They are for Best Flower and Best Grown Plant.  The cost for each trophy is $60.00, postage included.   (The trophy shall be provided free of charge to societies hosting SWROGA).  Instructions for awarding the trophy are as follows:

This trophy shall be awarded to the plant and/or cut flower judged the “Best in Show”.  The plant or cut flower shall be selected from the Best Grown / Flower classes in the SWROGA Schedule.  The trophy shall be awarded by a team of five accredited AOS judges, who do not have a personal conflict.  If five such judges are not available, the trophy shall be awarded by the qualifying judges present.


To obtain the trophy or Trophies send the request along with a check in the amount of $60.00 or 120.00 for two trophies to the SWROGA Treasurer. Click on this LINK to REQUEST the SWROGA TROPHY (or TROPHIES).