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Private Orchid COllection for Sale!

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Name: Marck Drennan
Phone Number: 620 342-7803
Subject: Other
Other: If other type it herePrivate collection offered

I'm an orchid enthusiast ending my orchid collection and selling out. I was wondering if you could direct me on how to offer 50-60 orchids to anyone interested. It is about 800-1000 $ worth of orchids and they range from small to medium species and hybrids. Most are intermediate with only a few being warm growers. Cattleyas hybrids, Dendrobiums, oncidiums and a bunch more are represented. Most are blooming size and 30-40% of them have bloomed before. Some are mounted, potted and others in baskets. They are in good to excellent condition and I'm only asking $300 or best offer for the lot. I live in Emporia Kansas. Thank you for helping me.
God bless,
Marck Drennan